Film & Television

At a Glance

Film Production

  • bullet Independent Producer based in the United Kingdom.

  • bullet Core focus on global projects with East-West fusion.

  • bullet Diverse development slate: Romantic Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy, Family and Children's content.


At Unique Inspiration, our aim is to Inspire, Enrich and Entertain through creativity. Our new media division was created to develop iconic properties.

Our television and film properties are being developed to appeal to a global audience, fusing east with west whilst incorporating longevity through a franchise model, where appropriate.

Partnership Opportunities

At Unique Inspiration, we are actively exploring partnership opportunities linked to investment, co-production and distribution.

Our focus is on developing a global network of partnership and projects to align with our current development slate.


Although we have a number of projects in development, we are always looking for new innovative ideas and the opportunity to work with talented writers.

We do not have a set timetable for receiving submissions but usually review all material within four weeks of receipt.

All submissions should be sent via email to submissions @


At a Glance

Aku & Kamu

  • bullet Unique Inspiration is an independent British publisher founded in 2010.

  • bullet We publish physical editions as well as digital versions.

  • bullet We're a private company based in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

  • bullet We have a team of many talents, based across Europe and the Far East.

Children's Publishing

The Children's Publishing division at Unique Inspiration was created in 2010.

Our flagship series, Aku & Kamu is being made available around the world, both in English and in other languages including Chinese.

The Aku & Kamu products encourage active participation between Teachers, Parents and Children by taking the classroom home. They are designed to help make learning fun whilst engaging more parental activity in the development of their child's education.

Translation rights for our products are being sold across the world and as well as working with developed markets, we are also interested in new markets.

If you are interested in acquiring the rights for any of our books, contact our foreign rights team at rights @


At Unique Inspiration we welcome the opportunity to work with new talented authors and illustrators.

We are often approached by new writers or individuals that have a publishing dream but are lost and are in need of help. As a result, we are always willing to offer help, advice and even work together with newcomers.

We do not have a set timetable for receiving submissions but usually review all material within four weeks of receipt. At present we are only accepting submissions for children's material ranging from picture books to short stories and novels for teenagers.

All submissions should be sent via email to submissions @

Our Core Children's Brands

Aku & Kamu is our flagship children's series. Aku is a Polar Bear from the Arctic Circle. Aku can't read. Kamu is a Koala from Australia. Kamu can't count. Through their misadventures, they both end up miles away from their respective homes and their families. They are both lost in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. Aku & Kamu appear in a their own series of storybooks for two age groups, pre-5 and 5-10. A range of merchandise is also available as well as a range of mobile apps. Furthermore, the Aku & Kamu Animated Series is currently in production to bring the characters to life.
The Kryptic Kids are the adventures of four ordinary children, Brad, Niki, Steve and Tara. Each time they meet they end up finding themselves trying to solve a mystery, by overcoming challenges and obstacles that they are presented with. With each challenge, they learn more about each other; their own individual abilities and the strong bond that is the foundation of their friendship. In their opening adventure, they investigate the mysterious disappearance of an ancient key from the local history museum. Why would anyone want to take a rusty old key? They Kryptic Kids are on the case.